SEO: Fast, Good, Cheap or Safe

One of the aspects of search engine optimization I really enjoy is how many different paths there are to reach the same end-goal. Be it social media, content marketing, blogger outreach, on-page optimization, becoming an industry resource, etc. The options for marketing a website (and in turn gaining links) are almost limitless, but as you might imagine limitless options often come with confusion and analysis paralysis.

The simple truth is, as long as you exercise discretion in how you go about it, there really isn’t a single, predetermined right or wrong method to SEO. In other words, in what is essentially traditional marketing with a few technical twists, the end goal is to gain more exposure for your product, brand, service, etc. With a little imagination and equal part common sense, you can achieve a lot regardless of budget.

That said, as the old adage goes, you can have it Fast, Good or Cheap – Pick Two. Just because there are nearly limitless possibilities in SEO/link building/outreach, that doesn’t mean all or most of them are quick or free. I might even amend that old adage to say, you can have it Fast, Good, Cheap or Safe – Pick three. As we’ve all seen with the link disavow panic that’s spread over the last year or so, exercising discretion can mean different things at different times.

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